Polyester Strapping


Cordstrap bv Holland is incorporated in 1965 and pioneer in rayon strapping. They later innovated and manufactured composite and woven strapping for heavy duty lashing and load securing applications. Developed in short history on non-metallic strapping, they have grown in leap and bound in the last decade. With innovation and technology, they become one of the global manufacturers and distributors in polyester strapping. The strap comes in various widths from 12mm to 50mm. The straps are used in conjunction with the tensioners, buckles and strap dispensers.

Strap Type CC-40 CC-50 CC-60 CC-85 CC-105 CW-105 CW-200
Buckle CB-4 CB-5 CB-6 CB-8 CB-10 CB-10 HDB-12
Tensioner CT-20 CT-20 CT-20 CT-25 CT-40(2) CT-40(2) CRT-50

Polyester is equally strong and comparable to steel strap. Polyester strap are safer to handle, non-corrosive and re-tensionable on the slack or loose strap due to compression.

ANW is one of the leading stockiest and suppliers of polyester strapping in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Use composite polyester strap to palletize steel or plastic drums.

Chemical and petroleum industries use steel or plastic drums for fluid, powder or granular products for storage and handling.

Palletized loads make it easy and fast in handling and shipping Of the products.

Use heavy duty composite polyester strap or woven lashing to load securing of drums in shipping container.

Drums loaded in container are restrained from movement and prevent damages during shipment.

Drums or palletized loads can also be secured in container with airbags (also known as dunnage bags).

Airbags take up void in container, vertically or horizontally, to prevent movement during shipment.

Heavy duty composite strap or woven lashing are used to restraint the bulk bags and palletized 25 kg bags from falling through the container doors when opened for unloading.

Lashing also restraint movement between the bulk bags and the container doors during shipment.

Strapping and bundling of irregular shape and size of light and fragile materials or heavy and bulky parts for easy and fast handling in transit or during shipment.

Lashing is also known as cargo load securing. ANW provides load securing services to industries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.