Josef Kihlberg AB is based in Sweden. Founded in 1907, Josef Khilberg is celebrating their 175 anniversary this year. ANW represents and distributes Josef Kihlberg exclusively in Singapore and the ASEAN countries including China. We stock and promote both the manual (hand operated) and the pneumatic (air operated) models of stapling equipment. We have different models suitable for your stapling applications for your various shapes and sizes of corrugated board boxes.

Top Closing

Top stapling – for closing top flaps of carton boxes.
Choice of manual (hand-held) or pneumatic (air operated) models.

Model c.561 uses wide crown staples (32mm) with leg length 15, 18 or 22mm.

Bottom Closing

Side & Edge Fastening

Bottom and side stapling – for closing bottom flaps of carton boxes or fastening the edges or corners of box cover lids or bottom tray.

Choice of manual or pneumatic in foot operated.

Model B561 uses staples with 32mm crown width and between 15 and 18mm leg length.
Model F53 uses staples with 15mm crown width and between 12 and 15mm leg length.

JK35T590 is one of the most popular models for fastening the side and edge of the corrugated board like lids and trays. It can also use to fasten corrugated board to wood like stapling angle board to wooden pallet to form a box or palletise your carton boxes. A compatible model JK20T779 uses narrower crown width of staples also use for fastening side and edge of corrugated board like tubes, lids, trays. Both JK35T590 and JK20T779 are portable (hand held) and pneumatic (air) operated.