Our Brands - Our Business Partners

ANW selects and collaborates with established, reputable and reliable overseas principals. We evaluate on the manufacturer’s criteria before we represent and distribute their products. At the apex is safety, and its quality meets the standards of our customer’s requirements. Besides the suitability of the products for our customer’s applications, it must also be compliant to the regulations stipulated by MOM, HPB, NEA, SCDF. All the principals we represent are ISO certified and their finished products are tested and proven to meet the requirements of authorities. We are able to supply our Quality Assurance Certificates from the factories.

Our principals who are established, reputable and reliable. They must be able to train and upgrade our staff with skills and knowledge on the products and markets, after sales service and technical support including supplying and stocking of parts for repairing and servicing of tools and equipment sold.

Josef Kihlberg since 1841

As a global leading manufacturer in stapling systems and applications for the past 180 years, Josef Kihlberg (JK, as it is popularly known) is the pioneer in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of staples suitable for various industries for carton closing and wood fastening (wooden case/crate and pallet nailing). As a leading brand in the industrial market for stapling applications. JK designs, fabricates, and assembles their own components with quality Swedish steel to make their stapling equipment – both manual and pneumatic. JK also designs and engineers the most reliable sealless combination steel strapping tool, and we are proud and privileged to introduce the JK1219 to Timber Industries – Sawn Timber, Plywood and Veneer – in Singapore and the region about 35 years ago. All tools and staples are made originally and shipped directly from JK factory in Hjo, Sweden.

Diagraph since 1893

With about 130 years of experience in the Industrial Marking business, Diagraph understands the needs and expectations of industries. Started out with making and supplying industrial marking products with stencil cutting machines and accessories, such as, applicators and inks. They added on a range of alternative marking products like label printers, carton coders, ink jet printers and in the last decade with electronic stencil cutters. Diagraph continues to innovate and distribute their industrial marking products throughout the world. We import directly from the Diagraph factory in Illinois, USA and all finished materials including the stencil marking inks are formulated, blended, bottled, packed and shipped originally from the factory.

Cordstrap since 1965

Using polyester yarn and coated with polyethylene to make into composite strap for palletising and unitizing applications. Later using thicker and stronger polyester yarn and bonded with polyethylene to make it stronger for heavy duty applications, such as, lashing and load securing. Composite strapping has been tested and proven with tensile strength comparable to steel and still has its elasticity to hold and secure the load from breaking. We have added woven & PET strapping to our list of products to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. ANW was the first to import and distribute Cordstrap products in Singapore and the region about 30 years ago.

Midwest Industrial Packaging – MIP since 1987

We represented and imported steel strapping originally from ACME Steel Company about 30 years ago. ACME was founded in 1880 initially making staples and in 1914 started making steel strapping. ACME formed RAPZ, a subsidiary and focused on export market. ACME/RAPZ continued to focus and produce steel strapping and allowing Midwest Industrial Packaging, MIP to make and distribute the strapping tools. MIP makes both manual and pneumatic strapping tools. MIP, while it is a relatively young company, it has a long history and strong foundation from their earlier affiliations and experience in making strapping tools. MIP makes one of the most durable and reliable strapping tools including strap cutters and strap dispensers. Customers who have bought and used the MIP tools recognise the ruggedness and reliable performance of the tools.

Elried since 1959

Elried is one of the leading providers in the area of industrial marking and coding. Operating in two primary key business units – marking and export coding & product and package coding. Marking and export coding: systems and materials for industrial marking, based on automatic systems for creating stencils. Product and package coding: inkjet systems for coding products and packaging with alternating data. adding new product lines to meet customer needs.

ISO Stainless Steel Strapping since 1994

We import directly from the US factory on the stainless steel strapping and buckles. We are privileged to represent and distribute the ISO stainless steel strapping. The ISO stainless steel strap and buckles are tested and exposed in an open environment under harsh and hazardous conditions. ISO stainless steel strap and buckles are used in the oil and gas industries, petroleum and chemical plants, building sites and maintenance work.

Over the years, ISO has developed a simple, yet highly effective strategy for success. Using the same stainless-steel raw materials from the same US Steel mills as our competition, ISO Stainless Steel has developed a high speed, streamlined manufacturing process which allows us to produce a full range of sizes and deliver them to customers. Our band is embossed with a four-digit code that allows us to track its origin, providing unparalleled quality control.