Product Specifications

Mobile Strap Dispensers

CPD-200PD Mobile Strap Dispenser

CPD-200PD Mobile Strap Dispenser


Our Mobile Strap Dispensers are Nordic-manufactured Mobile Strap Dispensers suitable for industrially coiled steel and polyester strapping systems. We offer a range of mobile strap dispensers to suit your needs. The mobile strap dispensers have an efficient spool brake and a spacious compartment for tools and accessories. It is quick and easy to use, with an extra support wheel that simplifies lateral movement.



Mobile Strap Dispensers Suitability Inner Diameter
JK-ENK Mobile Strap Dispenser Ribbon Wound Steel Strap 14”
JK-OSC Mobile Strap Dispenser Oscillated Wound Steel Strap / PET Strap 16”
CPD-200 Mobile Strap Dispenser Polyester Composite / Woven Strap 8”

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