Product Specifications

PET Strapping

PET Strapping 16mm

PET Strapping 16mm


PET Strapping is a good alternative material of strapping to the Polyester Composite Strap. With high breaking strength, exceptional elongation, a great capability of retaining tension, and economical in value. PET strapping has a high shock absorption which allows the secured load to stay intact; it serves as a good substitute to steel strapping which snaps on high impact during transportation. PET strapping is great to use, if the cargo load is individually secured, because the strap retains its tension. Most importantly, they are safe to use, due of its soft but durable plastic material – lower risk of injury in case of strap breakages.



Size Surface Breaking Strength
12.5mm x 0.60mm Smooth/Embossed 310kg
12.5mm x 0.75mm Smooth/Embossed 500kg
15.5mm x 0.6mm Smooth/Embossed 400kg
15.5mm x 0.7mm Smooth/Embossed 500kg
15.5mm x 0.88mm Smooth/Embossed 630kg
19mm x 1.00mm Smooth/Embossed 907kg

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