Product Specifications

Polyester Woven Strapping

Polyester Woven Strapping 25mm

Polyester Woven Strapping 25mm


Polyester Woven Strapping are made of high tensile polyester yarns. Due to its material characteristics, it has low elongation (below 10%), it is highly tear proof and absorbs very little moisture. Furthermore, it can be re-tensioned in case of volume loss in packaged goods and has a high breaking strength. Polyester Woven Strapping do not splice, flexible and universally applicable. Polyester Woven Strapping is a suitable material to use for container lashing - a one-way cargo securing strapping with a high tensile strength and is an economic and easy to handle alternative for conventional tension straps and or complex wooden crates for load-securing purposes. The usage of lashing is steadily increasing as a method for load securing on flat rack and in containers. In combination with our metal buckles and ratchets, a reliable connection between product and carrier can be established, serving to protect your goods against all damages during transport.



Type of Woven Strapping Size System Strength
Woven Strap WS-25 25mm 1600 daN

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