About ANW

ANW dedicates and commits 40 years of service to the industries, locally and regionally. Working hard to earn the trust and confidence of the customers through reliable service and quality of our products. Representing established and reputable principals from USA and Europe, ANW is the pioneer in introducing the sealless steel strapping tool and polyester composite strap to industries (in Singapore and regionally) about 30 years ago. We are responsible and obligated to end-users on work safety in using and handling of our products at their work place.

ANW is proud to service and supply to many local and foreign MNCs in diversified industries with our one stop total integrated packaging solutions - strapping, marking and fastening products. Our sales and product specialists are factory trained and familiar with the industry’s standards and applications. During our visits and demonstrations, our sales and product specialists would propose practical and economical packaging solutions to the end-users.

ANW imports directly from the factories in its original condition. Our stocks are made in the countries of origin especially our stencil marking inks. They are formulated, blended and bottled in the factory. We replenish our stock with regular shipments to meet the urgent and immediate needs of customers.

To stay competitive, we prefer to supply directly to the end-users. However, we are happy to co-operate with the customer’s preferred suppliers in their local markets. We would protect the interest of the local suppliers if they take care and attend to the customer’s needs and expectations. We would share and train the local suppliers with product knowledge and provide similar technical support and after sales service to all our customers.

We believe in engaging and communicating with our customers. We try to reach out and stay in contact with our customers by making regular visits. We also try to engage and connect with our customer through social media and digital platform. Whichever methods we adopt, we believe in communication. We value and appreciate customer feedback and comment on our products and after sales service. We want our customer to be able to reach us on 24/7.

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