Product Specifications

Dunnage Air Bag

PP Dunnage Air Bags

PP Dunnage Air Bags

Our Dunnage Air Bags are designed to secure and stablizing your cargo in containers. It is a fast, convenient and cost-effective method to stablize your cargo during shipments, compared to wood blocking or wood choking. Our dunnage air bags are inserted between 2 cargo loads to fill up the void between the cargo, and locks the load in place in the container. Our dunnage air bags only takes a few second to fill up.

Benefits of using our dunnage air bags:

  • It is a faster and more efficient method, compared to wood blocking
  • Reduced labour cost and loading time
  • Environmentally- friendly as it is reusable and made of 100% recylcable materials
  • Maximizes space within a container during logistical operations
  • Operationally efficient in cargo securement