Product Specifications

Manual Stencil Cutting Machine

Manual SCM 1"

Manual Stencil Cutting Machine 1"

Diagraph Manual Stencil Cutters offer you flexibility, economy and convenience. These versatile machines can be used with a wide variety of application methods and inks to perform in many production environments.

Diagraph- Bradley Stencil Machines have been the industry-standard since we inveted the stencil cutter in 1893. Today, we make quality stencil cutters using leading-edge manufacturing systems and techniques. Stencilling is a quick, cost-effective way to mark products. It can be used on any large surface - flat, curved, porous and non-porous surfaces. Our stencil cutters are built to government specification GG-S-747. 

Over a century of performance. As the industry standard ever since we invented the technology, our manual stencil machines offer versatile, proven results. Stencil machine kits contain stencil machine, 3" Oneshot Assembly, a Black Oneshot Cartridge and 25 sheets of 6.5 x 20 .015 natural stencil board.